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I believe that every real estate transaction should begin and end with a hand shake. 
The first hand shake, at the beginning of the transaction, is a measure of trust
The second hand shake, at closing, is earned for doing a good job.
I believe that every real estate transaction should begin with a hand shake.
The first hand shake, at the beginning of the transaction, is being trustable.
The second hand shake, at closing, is merited for doing a good job.
Knowledge, Integrity, Service
I approach real estate with the belief that everybody must come out of a transaction winning. I accomplish this by constantly improving my knowledge, respecting my integrity and that of my clients, and recognizing that it is quality service what makes me valuable.
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Why Should You Work With Me?
  • I always do win-win transactions
  • I understand and keep up with the Portland Metro area market conditions
  • I am 100% committed to do the my best in every transaction
  • I am up front and tell the truth, from the beginning, all the time
  • If you are looking for short sale help you found an expert. I have published dozens of articles and I am the author of Short Sales A-Z Online, a very successful Short Sales Course popular with agent, investors, mortgage brokers and attorneys
  • I have an excellent network of professionals that, through me, will be ready to help you.
  • I am not only good at Short Sales. I also dominate alternative financing methods such as
    • owner financing
    • lease option and
    • land sale contract
  • I constantly update my real estate knowledge. The more I know, the better I can help my clients.
  • Most importantly, I believe in respect for the client, honesty, and the well being of the real estate industry.
Here are some testimonials,
Dear Oscar,
Sylvia and I would like to thank you for taking charge of the sale of our property.
The whole process was painless and went exactly as you outlined in the very beginning of the transaction. We appreciate your professional manner and honesty and would encourage anyone to use the services offer.
If you need a reference in the future, just let us know.
Thanks again.
Leroy – Portland
I am completely satisfied and happy with the service Oscar Morante provided. My home was over $100k "under water." I needed help. I did a lot of online research once I determined that the best way to sell my home in a depressed market was to pursue a short sale. The concept of a short sale was intimidating and quite scary. After my initial phone call with Oscar, I knew that he was the one…
T.S. Portland
My home was so far underwater on my mortgage, I didn't know what to do! When I found Oscar he explained a simple and easy solution to the short-sale of my property. He was knowledgeable, and kept me informed every step on the way. I was impressed at how quickly he took the sales process from buyer offer, to closed; he was tenacious! In the end I owed not one single penny, and saved my credit score with an easy short sale. I would recommend Oscar's services to anyone. –
E in Portland
Very knowledgeable and effective Last fall I needed to make some difficult decisions regarding my family home. Due to a lay-off, I could no longer afford the property. Luckily I found Oscar Morante in my search for answers. Oscar explained to me the short sale process in a way that I could clearly understand. I decided that a short sale was the best way to resolve my present situation. I listed the house with Oscar immediately. He effectively marketed the property and negotiated with my creditors for the best possible outcome. I sold the house. I don't owe anything on it. I highly recommend Oscar if you are considering a short sale transaction. Thanks for your help!
Eric in Gresham